Cupboard essentials



Available from Ocado or Waitrose - A fabulous halal, allergen free, alcohol free, natural strong beautiful flavouring to add to any desserts.

Gluten/Wheat and Potato free flour

My favourite Flour blends - great in any baking or cooking. Also available on NHS prescription, or Ocado or Goodness direct.

Dairy Free Milk

My favourite dairy free milk (but note only the Original flavour is wheat free, others all contain maltodextrin). I use the UHT version available in most supermarkets and online at Ocado, or if desperate and rich (Holland and Barretts sell it too at a rip off price). This is great for cereal, shakes, baking, custards, soups etc etc, versatile and tasty!

Dairy Free Margarine/Butter
My favourite dairy free spread that can be used in all baking and works fabulously. Free from top allergens.

Allergen and pea free cheese alternative

With a cheesy taste and so many added vitamins, this is a great condiment to use in lots of foods, mostly on pastas and especially bechemel sauce. I buy this on Ocado, though many other health food shops do stock it too.

Bread crumb alternative

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